Year Two

They always say that time sneaks up on you, and in this case it really did.


As I look back on all the things that this past year has brought our way, I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly blessed in so many ways. When Devon and I first got married a lot of people told me “just wait, the first year is always the hardest”… And I think I braced a little too hard for that. The first year was actually great. Hardships? Of course. Arguments? Yes. But the hardest? No. That was only 12 months of marriage. We will experience so many more months/years together, and I don’t think we are allowed to just automatically think that the first year is the hardest. Because here we are celebrating year two.. and it was still challenging, but great!

We haven’t been back to St. Augustine since we got married, so this years vacation is pretty special to us. It’s so awesome that we get to pop out our beach chairs and play corn-hole right in the spot where we said our vows! Despite the horrible rain right before the ceremony and forgetting Devon’s ring at the beach house, it turned out to be the best day ever. The weather made my pictures turn out really good since it was over-cast, and we used his Dad’s ring as a back-up! I mean is it even a wedding if something doesn’t go wrong?

So, cotton is the traditional anniversary gift for two years, and my Nana gave us the cutest little cotton wreath and some cotton beach towels (very fitting for our vacation). She always has the best ideas for gifts! How perfect is this?!


So today will probably consist of a long day on the beach, soaking up the sun.. and then a nice dinner later tonight! I am so thankful for all of our family and friends that have been in mine and Devon’s lives. They say it takes a village, and I one hundred percent agree with that. We are surrounded by so many wonderful people!! And we love every single one of you! Two years down, 99 to go!!


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