Goodbye Twenty-Seventeen

For some, the New Year indicates the turning of a page… a chance for them to start over and have a clean slate. Maybe the year had a lot of difficulties and hardships that you are looking to put in the past. Or maybe you felt like you didn’t accomplish any goals in those 12 months. For me, New Years resolutions aren’t that big of a deal. I don’t think we should rely on a new year to make changes in our lives. However, I do get excited for what’s to come! It’s always fun to sit back and think about what new things I’ll experience, the places I’ll visit, & people I will meet. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

2017 was a pretty good year though.

It had accomplishments. Goals. New friends. Opportunities. Set backs. Laughter. Tears. And it taught me so much about my marriage, and what I wanted in life. I’ve learned to be more patient and live my life on God’s time rather than mine. Being human, we tend to get selfish. We want what we want and we want it right then. But sometimes God says “No, not right now.” So I’ve learned to enjoy the wait. I’m a planner. I like structure, and organization. But I’ve learned that you can’t plan your life out the way you want it to be, because it never ends up happening that way. I had so many situations this past year where I had to step back and say “God, this one’s all you”… Great things happen when you set aside the worry and let your faith take over.

One of my favorite memories/accomplishments from 2017 was starting this blog. I was so nervous to put myself out there. Afraid that people wouldn’t take me seriously, or read my posts and be like “yeah yeah whatever”.. Some people might.. and that’s okay. Making a difference is what I want out of this. Saying something that might change someones life. Give advice through real life experiences. Talk about things that might be scary to others. It also holds me accountable. Why write about something if you aren’t doing it? I’ve had a lot of positive feed back since I’ve started, and I enjoy it more than anything. The number of followers I have doesn’t matter. Instagram likes are just a number. Now don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my blog grow, but it’s not everything. Writing, and posting pictures about the things I am passionate about just makes me really happy! So a HUGE thank you to all of my peeps out there who take the time to view my posts! It means more to me than you know.

So, I want everyone to have an AMAZING 2018.

Do the things you love. Try something new. Read a good book. Go on a trip. Love always. Trust in God. Make new friends. Take chances. Hang out with your family. Get a planner.  De-clutter your closet. Get organized. If you are the kind of person to make resolutions, then make them. If you think they are a waste, then at least set some goals for yourself. Big or small! Make this year a great one!


Let’s do this!


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