Catch Me @ Krog

Hello frans!

So, over the Labor Day weekend me and Devon went to Atlanta with some friends! We started off the day by hitting up The Buffalo Exchange.. which is this awesome thrift store that my friend Taylor told me about (and I’m so glad she did because I can’t wait to go back)! I’m talking Free People, Topshop, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Nike.. you name it, they have it! So it’s not your typical thrift store. It’s basically gently used high-end clothes!

Then we hit up Ponce City Market for some more shopping. (Okay, let’s be real.. I only wanted to go to Lululemon) And I ended up getting some new leggings and a sports bra and I can’t wait to wear them to CrossFit!


So now we get to my favorite part of the day- Krog Street Tunnel

< Krog Street Tunnel is a tunnel known for it’s street art >

I have always thought graffiti was pretty awesome. I don’t see how people create such remarkable artwork with a can of spray paint. I mean, I can barely draw a stick figure. But as we walked through the tunnel looking at all of the writing and pictures, I was blown away by some of the inspirational quotes that I saw.. So of course I had to snap some pics-




So go check it out if you are ever around that area. And take a lot of pics! These people are seriously so talented that it’s insane!!

Do something creative today my loves, XOXO

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