Small town café + Yummy late

With little towns like mine (Monroe, Ga) you often don’t have a lot to choose from when it comes to restaurants. But, we do have the cutest little café in the downtown area! The Cotton Café. It makes me feel warm and cozy, like I’m at home. The soft music in the background.. the smell of freshly brewed coffee.. the yummy food and homemade desserts.. I love it!

When I got home from vacation I was way overdue to see my mom, so we decided to meet up there and have lunch. We sat outside since the weather was so nice! I ordered the chicken salad sandwich on a croissant, with a side of coleslaw, and it was SO GOOD! I have always gotten the same thing there so I decided to switch it up and try something different and I’m so glad that I did!



After we had lunch, my mom had a birthday party to attend downtown (just a few doors down from where we were) so I told her I would meet up with her after the party to do some shopping at the nearby boutiques. So I stayed at the café with my computer and caught up on some blogging and sipped on a mocha latté… talk about heavenly!

<< Outfit Details >>

My shoes are my favorite thing about my outfit- I got them downtown Monroe at one of the boutiques called Peachy Keen.. and I’m obsessed! They are the most comfortable shoes that I own. With me being a hairstylist and standing up all day, shoes that don’t hurt my feet are a must. They are light-weight, soft on the inside and haven’t given me one blister! And the most important thing- they are stylish, Duh! (Because who cares about blisters if they are cute)


My shirt is just an off-the-shoulder from Forever 21, and the shorts were given to me by a friend! My purse is a backpack, because lets be honest.. I hate shoulder bags. I also have a lot of crap I like to carry with me and most purses just aren’t big enough. I can even fit my computer in it when I’m traveling, which is a plus! I bought it at T.J. Maxx a few months ago for like thirty bucks. Best buy ever.

Lunch + Latté + Shopping + Time spent with Mom = One happy girl!


Until next time my dears, ♥


Go check out Peachy Keen’s Insta page- they have the cutest stuff!



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