Vacay 2017

Here are a few pics from my vacation in Panama City Beach this past week! We had a BLAST! Is it time to go back yet? I wasn’t ready to leave! Outfit details below the pics- ENJOY!

My swimsuit and cover-up both came from Target. I got the swimsuit this year on the 70% off rack! Yes, you heard me..70% off! I think I paid $7 for the top and $9 for the bottoms, so talk about a good deal! And ever since Victoria’s Secret stopped making swimsuits I have been lost as to where I can buy cute ones (I hate buying them online, I have to try them on), so if ya’ll have any suggestions I’d love to hear them! I got the cover-up last year so I have no clue what I paid, and I actually think it’s suppose to be a cardigan, but I think it looks better as a cover-up!


The water was so gorgeous down there! I felt like I was in another country it was so blue and clear. My swimsuit, Target again.. and my sunglasses- Raybans! (And frozen yogurt is literally my most favorite thing ever, so I was super pumped when we made a pit stop for some!)


This swimsuit was my best deal yet and one of my favorites! Again, it came from Target.. and I paid $4 for the bottoms and $5 for the top!! NINE DOLLARS TOTAL YALL!!! How crazy is that?! Now I will say, Target’s swimsuit section gets messier and messier each time I go in there. I think when summer starts to end all of the swimsuits just get scattered everywhere and there’s no rhyme or reason to any of it. It kind of gives me a headache. So it did take me a while to sort though the racks, but it was so worth it in the end! I got my sunglasses at Charlotte Russe for $5. I like to have an expensive pair (or two) and then a few cheap pairs to switch up my style! —– On a side note, pineapple is my favorite fruit. (:



So the guys planned this little extravaganza and kept it a secret from us girls! It was an alligator airboat tour! A few of us had never done it before so we were a little nervous when we got there, but it was so much fun!! Definitely something I will always remember. We got to see a few alligators, and ride around on the boat at night.. I also got to hold little Zeus! (The top picture was taken from the boat, the sky colors were gorgeous!)

I wore a body suit from Charlotte Russe, and then some high waisted shorts from Forever 21! Body suits are so comfy, and I love pairing them with casual shorts, or dressing it up a bit and wearing a skirt!



We went to Pier Park and ate at Margaritaville one night, and it was delish! I got the “Cheeseburger In Paradise.” I also had a few margaritas, whoop whoop! I think since we decided to take our trip towards the end of summer, it eliminated all of the long waits at restaurants, which was awesome. Especially since we had a lot of people in our group!


This was our last night- We went to Pier Park again and ate at Dick’s Last Resort, and then walked around and did some shopping. We ended the night by walking out on the Pier- super cool but a little freaky at night! The views were amazing though! My romper and shoes are from T.J. Maxx. I have a hard time finding rompers that fit me right since I’m so tall, but this one fits perfectly and is my new favorite!


Overall, we had the time of our lives and we can’t wait to go back!!

What beaches do you guys like to go to? Or are you a mountain person who loves the cold? I honestly have to go somewhere warm, especially in the summertime!


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