Aloha Beaches!

Going on vacation with a group of friends is always a little nerve-wracking. Especially if you have always gone with your family to the same place every year like I have. Every year since the day I was born we have had a family vacation. Every. Single. Year. And I have not missed that vacation EVER. So this year was a little different for me.

I was hesitant at first because my family vacations have always meant so much to me. We are the family that gets dressed up in matchy-matchy clothes to take pictures, and has an annual putt-putt game that we take very seriously. Ha! Everything is familiar and sentimental.

But this year, Devon and I have developed some new friendships through the fire department. Friendships that I’m very grateful for. Being a firefighters wife has it’s struggles sometimes, but having relationships with the other wives has been such a blessing. This year I have gotten close with a few of them, so when we decided to go on vacation together I knew it was going to be a blast!



The girls are so genuine and I got to know them even better this past week. Our personalities blend so well and we all have so much in common. (besides our husbands working together) Our trip was unforgettable. (and way too short, can we go back already?) We shared so many laughs, small talks, inside jokes, and drinks over dinner. I can honestly say that these are true friendships.

Find those people in your life that you know will forever stick around. They will be the ones to keep you sane and be there no matter what. I’m grateful for these lovely ladies and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us and our families!


More vacay posts to come- XOXO my peeps!

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