My Second Love

So you know those kind of girls that actually like to workout? The ones who have more gym clothes than regular clothes… Yeah, that would be me.

Sports were always my strong suit. From softball, to competition cheerleading, to soccer, they all kept me pretty active. That’s how I got my exercise and kept myself in shape. Practices, weight training, travel ball games…I was always doing something! After I graduated high school and decided to go to Cosmetology school I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to play sports anymore. What was I going to do now? Sports were my life. That’s when I slacked off and for the first year and a half of Cosmetology school, I didn’t do anything fitness related.

I have always been a pretty slim girl. I have never had to deal with weight issues that much in my life. Like I’ve already mentioned, all the sports I played pretty much kept me fit. I ate what I wanted and didn’t think twice about it. Lucky me, right? WRONG. That mindset I had always had was making me ignore the fact that I needed to make a change. I was starting to become lazy and careless. That “Oh I can eat whatever I want” attitude hit me square in the face when I could barely zip up my jeans.

People will sit back and say “Well, you’ve never been overweight a day in your life, so it’s not like it was a big deal.” We all know our own bodies, and we can tell a difference when our weight alters. Whether it’s five pounds or fifteen pounds, we notice. The always slim girl had become nonchalant about how she treated her body, and that was an issue. It’s not that it happened, it was how it happened and I had myself to blame. So in my eyes, yes it was a big deal. 

And that’s when I turned to running. Yes, you heard me…running. (eww) I thought if I ran a mile or two a day and tried not to eat a lot that I would look and feel better. Wrong again. Why didn’t I have abs already, or pretty toned legs? And gosh, why did I feel so tired all the time? So at this point in time, my mom was getting her personal trainers certification. How convenient! So she started to share with me everything she was learning in her classes, and things started to make more sense. My problem was, I wasn’t eating ENOUGH and it was making me exhausted. I was running all those miles and then not replenishing my body with nutrients and “fuel” (food) that it needs to keep going. Something needed to change…and that’s when it happened…

My mom got offered a job coaching a bootcamp class at CrossFit.

She came home those first few nights and told me that after her bootcamp class she had been staying after and joining the CrossFit class. I had no idea what CrossFit was but I told her I was all in because I needed to try something different! She told me that she was already obsessed and that more than likely I would be too. This woman was crazy… There is nobody in this world who actually LIKES to workout. Not me at least. Well, now I can thank her because CrossFit has CHANGED MY LIFE.


The first year I learned so much about myself. I made so many new friends. The atmosphere was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. We warmed up as a group and worked out as a group. It felt just like I was on a sports team again. Everyone was so encouraging all the time, and making sure that you were trying your absolute hardest at every single workout. I LOVED THIS PLACE! Before I knew it, I had learned all the lingo and bought all the cool gear. As I got more into it, I was shocked at what my body was capable of doing. I thought that heavy weights were only for the guys. I enjoyed the feeling of being “strong” and I wasn’t so focused on being super skinny anymore. Being toned and defined were my new goals. So I changed my eating habits and I started seeing results.

I have been challenged…tested…and changed. But all for the better! I can’t imagine where I would be today without this fitness journey, and I am anxious to see what the next few years have in store for me.

Never give up on your goals guys!

// Photography: Lacey Larissa Photography //

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