Chasing Waterfalls

I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE spontaneous trips! (Especially when you get to ride with the top down!) A few weeks ago we decided to take a little “hike” up to North Georgia to Dick’s Creek Falls, and it was amazing!

IMG_2540I knew there were going to be some good opportunities to take pictures so Taylor and I brought our cameras, and Seth had his GoPro! We drove deep into the woods and parked the Jeep when we got to the right trail, and then we started our hike up! (Which was a little steep in some areas) We made our way to the waterfall and it was so beautiful up there! It was unreal how quiet and peaceful it felt. There was a pretty big area for us to sit and hang out, and the views were absolutely gorgeous! Since this trip was spontaneous we didn’t have our swim suits, but we could have definitely gotten in the water even though it was a little chilly. We also failed to bring any food, so next time we said we would pack a picnic! The guys got adventurous and found a rope beside the waterfall and decided they were going to climb up it while Taylor and I took some pictures.   



 Overall it was a breathtaking experience and being able to share it with close friends made the trip even better! There are some beautiful places in this world, and I’m at a loss for words when it comes to God’s amazing creations around us. We take things for granted a lot of times, so just enjoy this life you live. Whether it’s out of the country or a few miles away, travel to places you’ve never been before and it will do you good!



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