CrossFit In One Word

If I had to describe CrossFit in one word, I think it would have to be humbling.

 Every day I step foot in the box, there’s a new challenge ahead of me.

To push myself. To get better. To do things that I never thought my body could do. For some people, working out is a chore. It’s something they only want to do a few times a month or when the New Year rolls around for their resolution.. But for me, it’s a way of life. It’s habit. And I enjoy that. I love the adrenaline it gives me.

I have had so many rewarding moments just in these few years of doing CrossFit. I am by no means the best at it, and I still have my weaknesses just like anyone else does, but I am getting stronger every single day. Physically and mentally. Do you know how it feels to not be good at something? We all do! There is something that we all struggle with at the gym. Whether it be the heavy weights, the insane gymnastics movements, or even something as simple as jumping rope. Sometimes it’s frustrating, and we get discouraged.

When something so difficult brings us to our lowest, and we find that strength within to keep going, to beat all odds and rise above, it is SO rewarding. So find something that gives you a rush. That makes you want more. We all need those things to make us forget about the world for a little while. After all, the only limit you have is YOU.

// Photography: Taylor Handte Photography //


Sports Bra: Lululemon //

Leggings: Lululemon //

Shoes: Nike //


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